The Drop-In Center/Outreach Team is comprised of Steve, Jet and Ngash.  Jet and Ngash formerly suffered substance abuse/addiction themselves.  Each one successfully went through our former 3-Phase Rehab program and surrendered their lives to Christ which eventually led to recovery from their addiction.


We begin with outreach in areas known to populate many lost in substance abuse. Oftentimes our outreach team develops relationships through planned events like football tournaments. Individuals in addiction, desiring to change are invited to our outpatient process. Here, we provide individual counseling sessions, group Bible studies and family therapy sessions. Clients are taught to pursue after the things of God as we search for the heart of their addiction.

We also partner with the local church and other organizations as part of our vision to seek the best interest for each client. The local church body assists in counseling, training and reintegration, while we pursue to further educate the Church on the topic of substance abuse. If clients have needs beyond our capacity i.e. mental illness, live-in facility, they are referred to other partnering organizations.

By the time a client graduates, we look to help transition them back into society in various ways. Some return to school, some find work, or start their own business. With all graduates, we strongly encourage accountability in family members and church involvement. Many of the Uzima graduates now work with us, teaching and sharing their testimonies, and furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ.