This month we wish to reflect on the many miraculous transformations we’ve witnessed the Lord perform. 35 children have been rescued from the streets. 43 men have completed all three stages of recovery and are believed to still be sober and following Jesus. 32 of these men live in the surrounding areas making it possible for us to stay in direct communication. Of these we can be more certain of their sobriety and relationship with Christ. Also, the local church community is being educated on how to reach addicts for the Kingdom through the many pastors coming through our trainings. For all this, and for what we believe to come, we give all the glory and honor to God.


As a young boy on the streets, Earnest’s life looked a lot like many others in his plight. In the harsh environment of the streets, he learned to sniff glue and petrol. As he aged he moved on to harder drugs, and eventually heroine. Stealing from others became a normal way of life to support this habit.

Near the beginning of 2012 Earnest began his new life at Uzima Outreach. After completing the three phases of the program, it is apparent to all he is truly a new creation in Christ. Earnest attends church every Sunday and often leads worship on the keyboard. He has completed a short course program at SEPTA (a local drug addiction counseling program) and now works with Uzima Outreach in the phase-1 outreach program. He is full of joy, and a powerful example of the transformation that Jesus Christ brings.

Lastly, we are happy to see Steve Turner back in Nairobi, serving along with us in the mission to reach more for the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Requests

Please join us in prayers of thanksgiving as we are so blessed to see more lives transformed, out of addiction and into the hands of Jesus.

Pray that God would grant us wisdom on how best to meet our vision

Pray all the needs within the Children’s Home and Rehab are met

We can never say it enough, thank you for partner with us in this mission.

God bless!