The woes of addiction had plagued Josephat’s life for fifteen years. Like so many others, his dependency on alcohol cost him multiple jobs, and eventually his family. After he was fired from his work in 2007, his family took him in, only to steal and sell the items from the house. In 2009 his wife divorced him and took the children. Not long after, he remarried. But once again, the wife left, unable to cope with his addiction.

While in the Uzima Outreach program Josephat gave his heart to Jesus Christ. Now, sober and optimistic, his life has truly changed. Only God truly restores people back to right relationships. Today, we see a different man, reunited with his wife and two children. He is self-motivated and hardworking. After graduating from phase-2, he started his own little business, selling eggs in and around the community of the rehabilitation center.

Please continue to pray for him to grow strong in his relationship with Christ.