Financial Transparency

For the sake of transparency and clear understanding, we are posting both our monthly budget, and the breakdown of what was received for the month of March. This has proven to be one of the most difficult months regarding our finances, forcing us to make difficult choices.

Each month varies greatly regarding how much is donated. There is a group of contributors faithfully giving monthly. The amount currently received every month from this base is $1,222. From there, what is received depends on the one-time gifts.

It is clear we need to make an effort to grow our regular monthly support. We understand not everyone is in the position to do this, and we must all do according to how God leads. That said, it is important we fully convey the current financial state of the ministry. So we kindly ask, if you’re not already donating monthly, would you pray about doing so? Anything small goes a long way. If you have any questions or concerns, please write us at

Lastly, we want to have hearts of gratitude. For over three years now, God has allowed us to be apart of what He’s doing. Our ultimate goal is to win souls for the Kingdom, to the glory of God. We believe He is faithful, and He will do it. So, on behalf of all your brothers and sisters at Uzima Outreach, thank you for partnering with us in your prayers, donations, advocating and encouragement.