You can safely say God used Beckham to open our eyes many years back to expand the vision of Uzima Outreach to also reach out to children. Then, just three years old, Beckham was a regular fixture in “Sodom” (the place of our initial outreach). Within that harsh environment, surrounded by men and women lost in addiction stood this boy.

Abandoned by his mother, and without a father, Beckham at the age of three was sniffing glue and living in the trash of the slum. Yes, God was calling us to work with children as well. We saw the cycle. Mothers lost in addiction, turning to prostitution, with fathers untraceable. This boy (like the many others in his position) only knew to cope by sniffing glue, thus continuing the cycle of substance abuse.

Today, we look at Beckham and reflect on those early days of the ministry. We had no idea what the future would look like, and we can honestly say, God has been extremely gracious with us over the years. This precious boy, like all the other children in our home coming from the same types of background, has been given a hope in Jesus Christ.

As we watch Beckham grow, we are reassured in God’s love for the marginalized, and reminded of His faithfulness.