Property Update

It is God who provides. He is the one who has brought us this far, and we are grateful He has called us to this ministry. We have witnessed God literally bring this ministry up from nothing, and we believe that He is just beginning.

The current plot of land where the Children’s Home resides is on an eighth of an acre. The local government of Kajiado County is in the process of various road expansion projects. These expansions are negatively impacting many businesses and homes, and unfortunately our Children’s Home will also be affected.

The government has placed a land marker indicating how far the road will move into our property. This marker placement indicates that we will lose the front portion of the land most commonly used for recreational activities including the children’s general play area. This disappointing development has come within a short time frame of the children’s department inspection. The department has indicated that the children’s home currently lacks adequate space to house the children.

We are in a potential crisis, but we are also believing God can use this opportunity to reveal His glory once again within this ministry. We kindly ask you to join us in prayer for God’s provision and favor. If you wish to contribute towards this need, please specify “building project” via online or by check donation.

As always, thank you for your faithful prayers and support.