Jared’s Story

From the age of thirteen Jared began sniffing glue. As he aged he moved on to many other drugs, and eventually heroin. To support his habits Jared became deeply involved with a group of guys in Sodom, Kawangware that took part in violent muggings. Today, many of those young men have been killed; among them were Jared’s brothers and his closest friend.

After going through the program we’ve been amazed to see the Lord perform a truly incredible transformation in this young man. He is indeed a new creation in Christ. He gives all the glory to God for rescuing him from his previous life. When he was baptized, he jumped out of the water, hands stretched to the sky praising God.

Every Sunday he faithfully attends church, and recently began bringing his nephews along with his mother. Not long after, his mother also gave her life to Christ.