Children’s Home Update

As you are likely aware from various updates via Facebook, newsletters, etc., the Uzima Children’s Home was given formal notice from the local Children’s Department to relocate to a larger facility by March 1st 2015.

We want to thank all of you for praying about this need. Fred, the Uzima Director, appealed the decision, and the Department agreed to push the date back to October 1st of this year. This is a huge relief, and just one of many answers to prayer we’ve seen lately. Their conditions upon agreeing to the extension are that we continue to raise support/awareness, purse different land/structure options, and keep good communication with them every step along the way. Reaching out to children as part of the Uzima ministry started with one small room in Kawangware Slum. It started with one child in need. It started with God placing these street children on our hearts.

Today, we reflect back on every location the Lord has taken us, every answer to prayer, the protection from the flood, each and every need that was provided for, and the growth from one child to forty. Through all this, we can see God has been truly faithful. Yes, He is with us. The Uzima ministry is in His hands, and there’s no better place to be.