A couple weeks ago the Kenyan Government set in law that all children’s homes must be registered as CCI’s (Charitable Children’s Institution) by June. With this new law, the former deadline to move into a larger facility by Oct 1, 2015 has been nullified.

Due to financial and time constraints, it appears our goals of buying land and building a new orphanage will have to be temporarily postponed. This will give us more time to raise support for the long-term goal of owning our own land and orphanage, thus being able to start generating food and resources.

After hearing about the new law, we as a staff prayed God would open up a way for renting a large enough facility with a landlord who is understanding of the wear and tear of housing so many children. Within this same time frame, the local Children’s Department notified us of a home on a half-acre that was formally rented to another children’s home.

The landlord is willing to rent to us and move in as soon as possible. However, to meet the regulations of being a CCI, various additions to the property must be made along with purchasing some items. In the long run, we see this to be the best way forward that we may be in full compliance with governmental standards.

Below is the entire budget for relocating, building and purchasing the necessary items. If you desire to give towards this need please specify in the memo line of a check / comment box in online giving “relocating”.

Please if you have any questions and/or concerns please email us at

Prayer Request:

Please pray we will meet the standards for being a CCI in time

Pray the Uzima staff be encouraged in the Lord

Pray for God’s provision

Pray for the rehab and drop in center ministries to be fruitful

Pray for the name of our Lord Jesus to be glorified in all we do