May Analysis of Expenditures

As you are aware, a couple months ago the Kenyan Government set in law that all children’s homes must be registered as CCI’s (Charitable Children’s Institution) by the end of June. In order for us to qualify, we have been working hard to meet the standards laid before us by the local Children’s Department of Kajiado County. Most all recommendations had to do with more space for our 34 children, therefore we moved to a much larger facility and have been working diligently to meet all requirements: separate boys dormitory, more beds/mattresses, more fire-extinguishers, mosquito nets, etc. All of which has been possible by your faithful support and prayers. We kindly ask for continued prayers as deadlines quickly approach. Pray we meet all requirements, and for favor with the Area Children’s Board come inspection time.

Last month Peter, who struggles with asthma, became ill with both a very high fever and pneumonia. He had to be hospitalized for over a week but we thank God he is now completely healed and back in school. This event along with several other children becoming ill last month accrued some medial debts. Over the course of our existence we have been blessed to have very few medial needs, but with last months events we are more aware of the need to prepare for medical emergencies. We are currently in the process of partnering with a nearby medical center called Caring Cross. They are willing to work with us in case of any such circumstances. We will be setting up an account that we may bring children as needs come about. Please pray about giving to this need and the health of our precious children.