August Update and Analysis of Expenditures

Church Involvement

Part of the Uzima Outreach vision is to involve the local church as much as possible, both in educating the community on substance abuse, and reaching the lost for Jesus.

We are pleased to say that as of early August we have been partnering with PCEA Waithaka Church. Our outreach team is working with them a couple times a week to counsel clients. They have also begun referring clients to the Uzima Rehabilitation Centre. Please pray with us that by the help of the Holy Spirit, out of the great number of addicted we come into contact with, they achieve sobriety and accept Christ as their personal Savior.

Teachers Strike

Most of the children in Kenya were scheduled to return to school from second term break on August 31st, but at the last minute all public school teachers declared a strike. While the teachers ask for a pay increase, the news is reporting the strike has “no end in sight”.

We are currently praying about employing a certified teacher to help the existing staff in educating our children. Not only would this potential staff member tutor children who need special attention, but would be an invaluable asset during such times away from school. Would you pray about supporting this endeavor?

Chicken and Garden Project

We are grateful to the Lord, as this month we were able to build a chicken coop and replant a garden at the children’s home. Our intention is to provide a better balanced diet, teach children farming, and potentially become an income generating activity. We see this as a productive step forward as a ministry. Please pray with us that these projects, and any future endeavors are all-around helpful to the ministry.

Prayer Request:

Please pray the teacher strike comes to a swift end

Pray the garden and chicken projects are fruitful

Pray for a healthy partnership with the church in reaching more for Jesus

Thank the Lord with us for his beautiful grace and love upon Uzima Outreach