September Update and Analysis of Expenditures

Teacher Strike

As of last week, teachers were ordered to return to work by the courts. We’re happy for this; as the children are all now back in school. That said, they did not come to a financial agreement, so there is concern that the strike will resume in January. Please be praying for this issue. We are hoping that all parties will be satisfied, and that the children won’t be negatively affected.

Edwin, Peter and Catherine

Peter was in and out of his mother’s home, as she was not able to properly care for him. While she was in bondage to alcoholism, Peter would often hit the streets to beg. He struggled to get along. Peter joined us at Uzima Children’s home in 2011.

After Catherin’s father passed away, her mother (who is also HIV positive) forced her to work as a house girl. Catherin and her two siblings had to leave school. In late 2010, Catherin and her siblings joined Uzima Children’s Home.

Edwin’s biological mother has been held captive to addiction for years. His father died from AIDS complications, and his step-mom was abusive. Edwin entered Uzima Children’s Home in 2012.

Today, we are very proud of these three young people. All of them have confessed Jesus as their Savior. Edwin writes songs and skits, and is doing very well academically. He is a leader and great example for the younger ones. Peter is an intelligent young man, who recently began learning guitar. Catherine is a responsible, hardworking young lady both at school and home. She is always very appreciative of everything God has done in her life.

All three will be transitioning into their sophomore year of high school together in January. We have high hopes for them all as they grow into adulthood. We consider ourselves blessed to be called to this work, and pray God gives us what we need to guide them into the paths God has intended for them.

Prayer Request:

Please pray for Catherine, Edwin and Peter

Please pray for the shortage of clients we’ve been experiencing at the Rehabilitation Center

Pray the teachers and government find a long-term solution

Pray God would give wisdom to our leadership

Thank God with us for his continued love and faithfulness upon this ministry