January Newsletter and Analysis of Expenditures

Children’s Home Update:

As you are aware, in the last couple years the various Kenyan governmental departments have established higher and higher standards for Children’s Homes. The heightened standards for orphanages in Kenya is in the best interest for the children, and has led to 5 homes being closed in our sub county alone.

Over the past year, we’ve been working side by side with the local Children’s Department to be in full compliance. Our Social Worker and Manager have been working hand in hand with this department, and we thank God for that valuable partnership. They have guided us along in the process to make sure we are in compliance. This month, we are scheduled to have what should be our final inspections.

We have seen God’s faithfulness since day one of this ministry. Whenever we have been in need, He has sovereignty made a way. From the pictures below you will get a feel of how simple we started and how far God has carried us to date.

As this major milestone quickly approaches we kindly ask that you pray for the Lord’s favor on us so we may be in good standing with the government while staying true to the vision God has placed on our hearts.

From the outreach team:

We thank God for giving us his grace to continue reaching out to drug and alcohol addicts. While on outreach, we meet different types of people with different types of issues. We desire not only to pull people out of drug addiction, but also help them know there is someone greater than us, who loves them unconditionally and is always willing to have a relationship with them, our lord Jesus Christ.

In 2 Corinthians 1 it says to comfort others with the same comfort we were comforted with. We pray that’s what God grants us favor to do. Lets always remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in the captivity of alcohol and drug abuse. There is power in praying, and we believe in God’s timing, more will be delivered.

Prayer Requests:

Pray that the children’s home passes the final inspections

Pray that our children and clients have genuine relationships with Jesus and continue to grow in their faith

Pray for financial provision for the remaining the 2nd and 3rd term school fees

Pray that God protects and grants favor to the outreach team to win more souls for Jesus