May Update and Analysis of Expenditures

Land Update

As reported in our previous newsletter, we are planning to purchase a 2-acre plot of land. Having our own land will assure a more stable future for the children, and create more opportunities for income generating projects that can provide food for the home and even help supplement financial needs.

The total cost for land, stamp duty tax, lawyer/surveyor fees, and initial fencing comes to $64,770. We have learned that this amount has now been reached! Lord willing, we will soon begin the process of purchasing to acquire the title deed. Thank you to everyone for your donations and prayers for this need; it is greatly appreciated, and we thank the Lord for His guidance and blessings upon this ministry!


Many of the Children in our home are naturally gifted in music, and desire to develop their skills. Last year a guitar was donated, and several of the kids are learning how to play. Also, a group of around ten are learning percussion by playing on buckets with drumsticks. More of the children have expressed interest in learning the keyboard. Lord willing, someday we will have our own Uzima Children’s Home worship team.

Adult Ministry

We are highly Grateful to the almighty for the wonderful things He has done for our brothers and sisters in substance abuse. A few ladies that have been consistently coming are still going strong by the Grace of our lord Jesus. We thank God for Wairimu who is now saved and sober. We thank God for Mary who is really struggling, but has faith in God for full transformation. There are many such cases within the group of around 15 ladies who attend the sessions.

Many of the men in our program are encountering challenges to quit while still living on the streets. We encourage them to come to our drop-in for social and spiritual support. There are heroin addicts who are really struggling to quit. Some of them go to a program in a national hospital to get methadone. But, living on the streets, they often use both, which only increases the problem.

There are many challenges we face in this program, but we see God’s faithfulness and love for the clients in every step of the journey. Please continue to pray for these brothers and sisters, to not give up hope, and that they will find full healing and freedom in Christ.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for salvation and freedom from drugs for the clients in the adult ministry.

Pray for the Uzima staff to remain steadfast in the Father’s love, and to be guided by the Holy Spirit in all we do.

Join us in prayers of thanksgiving for reaching the amount need to purchase land.

Pray the music program will grow and be a big blessing for the children.

Please pray for wisdom and strength for our leadership.