June Update and Analysis of Expenditures

Land Update:

As reported in our previous newsletter, the funds needed for purchasing a 2-acre plot of land had been raised. It has been a slow process arranging the sales agreement but everything looks good, so, Lord willing, we will be purchasing the land very soon – hopefully this week.

Having our own land will assure a stable future for the children, and create opportunities for income generating projects that will provide food and resources to supplement financial needs. After putting in the fencing, we would like to begin the next step: digging for water. If we have our own reliable source of water, this meets a major need and can also be used as another income-generating project.

Thank you for your patience in this process of land acquisition. Things in Kenya move at a slower pace. Thanks to everyone for donations and prayers for this need; these are greatly appreciated, and we thank the Lord for His guidance and blessings upon this ministry!

Teddy Update:

Teddy has had poor hearing since he came to Uzima Children’s Home. It was affecting his morale, and preventing him from being fully engaged in the classroom.

He needed a minor operation for a grommet insertion, and we thank the Lord this need was also met. The Doctor reports that the procedure went according to plan, and since Teddy has been back, we’ve noticed a huge difference. He acts almost surprised to hear so well, and seems excited about everything these days.

Thank you for your donations to make this possible! Teddy is a blessing to our home, and we thank the Lord for bringing him to us. We’re excited to see all God has for him in the future!

Prayer Requests:

Please join us in thanking the Lord for the land we will soon be purchasing.

Thank the Lord with us for Teddy’s operation going well.

Pray for the children of Uzima to grow in their relationships with Jesus.

Pray the Outreach program continues to see lives transformed.

Pray for wisdom for our leadership.