July / August Update

The first child of Uzima:

Beckham was the first child that we rescued from the streets, and what ultimately led to us opening up Uzima Children’s Home. Last month we were delighted to see him turn 11 years old. Also, he earned the most improved academics award from home. We thank God for the hope we see in him and the other children to whom the Lord has called us.

The first child to graduate:

Jackson was the first Uzima child to graduate from the program into adulthood. He performed well in secondary school, and graduated last year.

Now, he is in his first year at Chester Teacher’s Training College because he is aiming to become a teacher. He visits Uzima Children’s Home often, and always makes time to mentor the little ones who all look up to him. We are so very proud of the man he has become. With just $650 he will be able to complete his second year and acquire a teaching certificate. If you feel led to help in this need, please designate your donation to “Jackson”. Please keep Jackson in your prayers as he pursues his academic goals.

Rehabilitation Testimony:

We had the privilege of visiting one of our clients out of town who completed the program almost two years ago. He is alcohol and drug free and fellowships at a nearby church. He now has a wife and a 9 month old beautiful baby boy. We are so proud of Peter and grateful to God for transforming lives. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Prayer Request:

Please continue to pray for the land we are purchasing. We were warned that the process could take up to three months, and it’s now approaching two months since we started the process. We want to be in the Lord’s will as Uzima Outreach grows, so pray the deal is only finalized if that’s truly what God has for us.

Pray for all the children to continue to grow in their relationships with Jesus.

Pray for Peter, his family, and the many other clients in recovery.

Pray for Jackson and his academic needs.

And pray for wisdom for our leadership, and God’s will on the ministry.