June Analysis of Expenditures

Typically, we receive funds through Uzima Outreach (US) just once a month (to cut back on fees). At first, we received a smaller amount than normal, but God was doing something different than what we expected. Even before the funds were transferred, the Lord had been leading us to pray more. Not just on our own, and our usual programs, but to come together as a staff once a week and present our needs to God.

Literally from day one of our prayers God began to answer them. The first night, two separate donations came in. Throughout the month, needs would arise, prayed for and answered. After initially receiving less than half our monthly budget, by the end of the month, all needs were met, emergencies that came up were met, and most all previous debts were cleared. God is the source of all things good, and apart from Him we can do nothing.

As always, thank you all for your support and prayers!