Giving Thanks

For about two years now, with the help of your support, we’ve been offering an incentive program to motivate our children in both academic and personal behavior. We have found this to be a highly successful program. We’ve seen great results in kids who often sat at the bottom in their marks to suddenly climbing to the top of their classes. Also, it’s been very beneficial in managing behavioral issues. We have been able to greatly reduce negative “acting out” behaviors and support more positive reinforcement. We are so grateful to now be able to work with the kids in this way. It’s due to your support that we can continue to move forward down paths of success.

As was reported in a previous newsletter, we are making great strides in our new plot of land in Northwest Kenya. In the last two months, we’ve been able to:

  • Drill the well

  • Install the well plumbing

  • Make the necessary preparations for the well solar panels and pumps

  • Install the electrical systems for the compound including:

  • Power poles

  • Wiring

  • Other necessary equipment

  • And install a security gate

Along with all of this progress, our agricultural program is progressing quite well. We should be able to harvest and make use of our crops within the next month or so. We’re very excited for the progress made so far in these sequential steps towards reaching our goals - God is answering our prayers!

As we all celebrate this month of thanksgiving, we’ve asked all the kids to write down things they are thankful for, and prayers they’ve seen answered at Uzima Children’s Home. We were both encouraged and inspired to hear their answers which so clearly expressed God’s faithfulness. We hope this encourages you as you have been so faithful to partner with us through the years. From all of us at Uzima Outreach, thank you and have a blessed thanksgiving.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for the continued success with the incentives program.

  • Pray for God’s will and favor upon our developing land.

  • We thank God for the many wonderful people who graciously give of their time, resources, and volunteer work in creative ways. Pray Jesus showers many blessing upon their lives.

  • As always, pray God continues to use the various ministries within Uzima Outreach to bring more to Jesus.