Moving the Children's Home

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,

is God in his holy dwelling. Psalm 68:5

As we’ve been reporting, the development of our land in Busia is proceeding very successfully; we are seeing God bless this land, and it’s such a delight to witness His faithfulness.

Since the Lord blessed us with the land for our future children’s home, the following progress has taken place:

  • Fencing around the 2.9 acres

  • Construction of guardhouse/storage area

  • Latrine built

  • Signpost placed

  • Power poles and electricity installed

  • Borehole dug

  • Solar panels, water pump, and tank installed

  • Foundation dug for first dormitory

  • Many of the dormitory bricks constructed

  • Crops planted and now harvesting

With so many exciting developments taking place, we have prayerfully decided to proceed with moving the children’s home to Busia. Moving now allows the children to adjust well, as they are currently in-between school years. It also allows us to properly look after the land and teach the children vital agricultural skills. A lot had to take place for this move to be possible; registering the orphanage in another county, finding a school that’s going to be a good fit for us, and locating a temporary rental home while construction of our dormitories proceeds.

Today we rejoice, as we have seen God answer all of these prayers.


Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray the children transition smoothly into the new location. .

  • Pray for God's will and favor upon our developing land.

  • We thank God for the many wonderful people who graciously give of their time, resources, and volunteer work in creative ways. Pray Jesus showers many blessings upon their lives.

  • As always, pray God continues to use the various ministries within Uzima Outreach to bring more to Jesus.