March, 2019

As we neared the end of 2018 we focused on moving the children to our new dormitory on our land. It was a busy and productive time. We are now close to finishing the end of phase one of the land development with the daily operations of the home moving smoothly. We want to sincerely thank you for helping us achieve this goal and massive step forward for the ministry as a whole. You caught the vision of what we hoped to accomplish and generously gave towards this need. Now that we are settled in well and the finishing work of the home is almost complete, we would kindly ask that you allocate your financial support to the general fund. Because we focused for several months on the dormitory completion and the move, the general fund is nearly depleted. In this we have had to make cuts in the monthly expenses that have put a strain on the home. Having said that, we know our Lord is faithful and he has always made a way for us. Please continue to lift us up in prayer. Thank you again from the Uzima family.

Construction on the kitchen