We are growing - both spiritually and physically!

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - Ephesians 2:8

It has been remarkable to witness the transformation of lives at the Uzima rehabilitation program. In the last 3 or 4 months several of the clients have given their lives to Jesus and are growing in their faith and understanding of His Word. They are all on the same journey of recovery from drugs and alcohol, but all are at different stages of reducing and time reached in sobriety.

The above scripture was the memory verse for the clients in our rehabilitation program this month. We have learned that many locals have a misunderstanding of what it actually means to be a Christian; many think that attending church or growing up with Christian parents, or even having a biblical name qualifies a person as a Christian. Therefore, God has been guiding us on how to teach and disciple the clients on who the God of the Bible is and what it means to follow him.

Robert faithfully attends the program. He gave his life to Jesus and he recently hit his three-months sober mark. With his successes we gifted him a Bible, and we hope to do the same for the other clients progressing well through the program. Robert listens intently in the Bible studies and responds with great questions. We thank God for his unceasing, redeeming love!

Thank you again for your prayers and support to bring the three new children into the Uzima Children’s Home. Christian, Lavender and Mary have been successfully enrolled into the home, and we believe they are adjusting well as we pray the love of Christ shines through us to them. By bringing them into Uzima’s home they have been reunited with their siblings.

The results from second term recently came in and we were excited to see that Mary is top of her eighth grade class. Each year she continues to strive to succeed and grow, and it has been a blessing to see God working in her life over the years.


Prayer Requests:

  • Please join us in prayer for the clients to continue growing in Jesus and for full recovery from substance abuse. Pray for job opportunities for Robert and the other clients looking for employment.

As the children are now in third term, pray Mary and all the children continue on well in their studies.

Join us in thanking God for the lives of the three new children in our home - pray they would know God’s love for them as they grow and age.