Dear Faithful Contributors

Dear Faithful Contributors,

We are always grateful for your support through the years, and God has brought us through many trials with your faithful service. Unfortunately, some recent events have pressed us towards making significant changes in how Uzima Outreach U.S. needs to conduct operations moving forward.

Since the Turner family’s departure from Kenya, our partner in ministry, Uzima Outreach Centre, has seen a rapid collapse in maintaining financial integrity. As many of you know and are aware, corruption is rampant in Kenya and a key component of our ministry is that our Partners in Kenya act with integrity and financial accountability. To give some context, a certain key member of the Uzima Outreach Centre was removed a few years back due to repeated financial and ethical concerns. This decision was not made lightly. Grace was extended to this key member, and he was given many opportunities to repent. Due to our concerns with transparency and honesty, we acted in a way to protect both the ministry and the good faith you have placed in this ministry through your regular support. However, despite our best efforts to establish a trustworthy local board in Kenya before the Turner’s departure, this person has since returned to the Uzima Outreach Centre Kenya’s campus and has manipulated acting local members towards a complete overhaul of the leadership of the Outreach Centre. An unsanctioned election occurred without permission of the Uzima Outreach US board and against the organization’s signed upon by-laws. This action was done to remove certain trustworthy and professionally qualified members, replacing them with untrustworthy and unqualified members.

We have repeatedly warned the Kenya team that they should not allow this individual to return to leadership in the Uzima Outreach Centre because his unrepented past financial and ethical breaches that undermine the values of Uzima Outreach to reflect Christlike character in all aspects of our ministry. We also warned the Kenya team that the unsanctioned overhaul of the Uzima Outreach Centre leadership is a breach of our agreement to support the Uzima Outreach Centre, and the Center was at risk of losing our support. However, the Centre has continued to make ongoing changes without our approval or consent. Unfortunately, our hands are tied legally as the organization of the entity in Kenya (Uzima Outreach Centre), by Kenyan law, dictates that our oversight is null and void. While we acted in good faith in this organizational structure hoping to pass on the ministry to trustworthy local representatives, the Centre has been exploited by those seeking personal gain.

Therefore, after much prayer and seeking outside counsel, we have come to the difficult decision that we can no longer send support in good faith to the Uzima Outreach Centre. Our responsibility is to further our mission and purpose while honoring you our supporters through faithful management of your generous financial support. Therefore, we must sever ties with Uzima Kenya as they have made it very clear that they no longer wish to be under a headship of accountability and transparency. We also urge you to exercise caution if any of the Kenyan staff approaches you for requests of further support as we can no longer endorse the financial integrity of the Uzima Outreach Centre in Kenya. We are happy to provide further information to you upon request of our concerns and our attempts to remediate this matter.

While we are saddened by this turn of events in our ministry to the Kenyan people, we have taken careful steps in good faith to adhere to our mission and values. This, however, is not the end of Uzima Outreach U.S., and we appreciate your prayers in seeing what plans God has next in the furtherance of this ministry.

We greatly appreciate your partnership and ask that you pray with us for wisdom and direction.


The Uzima Outreach U.S. Board